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Loving the Amazon

She was liquid. I was aghast, fascinated. And my heart, for the first time in my life, opened. All her pools of flowing succulence flowed on and I was filled with her – in love. This was like a dream but powered by the tactile fact of her.

While making love, twenty-two year old Andy Greenwood falls head-over-heels in love with Melissa, nineteen year old, working-class, single mother. Melissa and Andy are quite simply perfect for each other: young, sensual, deeply connected and hell-bent on erotic union. Their love is frantic and rich and borders on a beautiful perversion. But persistent memories of childhood fracture the bond between Melissa and Andy causing Andy to sacrifice their profound love and travel overseas… only to find himself inveigled in sexual obsession with Polish schizophrenic, Berenice — who turns out to be smarter, crazier and far more dangerous than Andy. The damage performed under her sexual hegemony is as weird as it is powerful… but the sex is mind-blowing. Eventually Andy finds himself morally disintegrating: his sanity unhinging, his sense of self plummeting into sexual oblivion. They fuck, they bite and scratch, they play demoralising mind-games and then, out of the blue, a phone call from Melissa demonstrates just how low he has sunk. From the centre of this moral abyss, his heart breaks…

After ten years estrangement, Andy and Melissa’s reconciliation is divinely erotic. They find peace and love in their resilient sexual union, but Andy still inhabits a moral void. Will he resolve his resurfacing past? Will their inimitable love stand the test of time?

In this heartfelt, male answer to 50 Shades of Grey, Loving the Amazon delivers a sexual odyssey in erotic, moving and sometimes confronting detail. Written with complete sensual honesty, the novel awakens the very soul of sex itself: a celebration and a warning to the pornifications of the twenty first century.

According to John Truby, Loving the Amazon is a ‘rare combination of raw and poetic that makes all other love stories seem fake’. The novel contains powerful sex scenes and intensely beautiful sentences capturing the joy, the pleasure and the ‘otherness’ of erotic congress.

The novel’s authenticity as lived encounter demonstrates that surviving abuse in parallel to erotic overvaluation challenges the ‘sexual orthodoxy’ of male-centric eroticism. In Loving the Amazon, the ‘male-spectator-owner’ is not merely the protagonist, but a force barely contained in its own questioning. Recalling L’Ecole des Filles (1655) where the sexes becoming one is the highest attainment of erotica, this book is a must-read.



Loving the Amazon

Loving the Amazon